Meet The Makers


Corr - The Jute Works

Corr- The Jute Works enables rural and mostly illiterate women to make handicrafts at home. Your purchase provides these women much-needed employment, a fair wage, freedom from exploitation, access to healthcare and education for their children. Sales of CORR handicrafts also benefit small-scale farmers who produce environmentally friendly jute, a key agricultural export. CORR provides its artisans access to credit and business training, awareness of women's rights, health and nutrition programs, disaster relief, and education for their children, who would otherwise never attend school





Oi-qua produces some of the worlds finest handloomed silk textiles. Slow fashion is sustainable fashion in so many ways! Using traditional age old weaving methods along side the use of natural materials the cooperative is designing a difference in their community and far beyond! With positive support, fair wages and ethical working environments  140 women are preserving and teaching the weaving craft that is rooted so deeply in their culture! 

Tara Projects

TARA’s mission is to practice fairness in its production and trading for the development of the grassroots and the other marginalized sections of society, building towards continuously improving its performance while ensuring social equity and environmental sustainability. TARA is committed to the Fair Trade Standards developed by World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Tara is working with artisan communities in Delhi, UP, Haryana and Rajisthan to generate sutainable livelihood. It supports education centers and vocational training centers attached to it’s artisan communities which benifits general public and members of respective artisan. Tara has been involved in many actions to preserve environment with special focus on water conservation and plantation.


Ziwani Weavers

 Ziwani Weavers is a cooperative on a mission to transform lives through weaving. Each day of group of 8 women artists gather together to practice traditional looming techniques past down for generations. Just like generations before they practice sustainability  through the use of only locally + ethically sourced wool + cotton. The Ziwani weavers are deeply connected to their work + desire to see it grow + flourish through new designs + inspiration. Each process is done solely by hand as they spin, dye, weave + finish each piece. Natural dying + developing unique designs is their favorite part of the process! 


Urte Symulevice

LinenTales is a family business striving to bring the modern linen classics to contemporary homes. Passionate about aesthetics, their principal idea is to make things that are not only practical, but also beautiful. It all started with reimagining the fabric. They wanted to keep the Lithuanian linen traditions, but the grey rough linen hardly made contemporary life rituals inspiring. Their formula was to infuse more colours and softness. And it worked. To show that the new look made a home more beautiful they first opened their living room doors instead of a regular shop. 


Dominion Traders

Dominion Traders is an cooperative  that assists skilled stone and shesham wood artisans in finding markets for their products. Small craft workshops provide many jobs in Pakistan, where other work opportunities are scarce. Based in Karachi, the small company operates its own workshop with more than 25 artisans, and also works with several independently owned workshops. Dominion Traders searches out the highest-quality onyx, going to the onyx mines in areas near Peshawar and Quetta to mark the stone themselves, selecting stone with beautiful colors and grains. When the onyx boulders arrive in Karachi from the mines, the huge blocks are cut into smaller pieces using a lathe-like machine with a circular blade. The artisans carve the onyx into bowls, animals, candlesticks, bookends, and boxes, highlighting natural colors and grains. 


Fettle & Fire

Lindsey is the owner and designer at Fettle & Fire establish in 2011 in Longmont, Co. She creates modern ceramics full of color and inspired by vintage design.  

Hammelmans Farm

Bruce and Claire Hammelman, second generation flower farmers, multi-generation "farmers". Nestled between the large Cascade Mountains and the coastal range, Oregon's Willamette Valley offers fertile lands that lend themselves to a wide variety of crop production. While their farming heritage reaches back many generations, their flower operation commenced in 1989, growing a handful of select dry flower varieties. Today, they raise about 40 different varities of flowers on 55 acres that are then all dried and sold, leaving no waste for their flower production 


Variously is founded by Anjali Purohit , who is born & raised in India and has lived & worked in Italy, exhibited in Germany and calls Michigan her home. Affiliation with artisans for Anjali started in 2001, when her home state Gujarat, India was impacted by massive earthquake. Variously seeks beauty in slow made textiles that bring people & their roots together. As a sustainable lifestyle brand, Variously uses finest qualities of 100% natural yarns, locally cultivated organic dyes & certified Eco Swiss dyes All of their textiles are 100% handmade using techniques on the handloom or printing techniques like shibori, block printing. 80% of Variously artisan partners are women

WoodLuxe + Wilde

Trisha is the founder of Woodluxe + Wilde. She is a flower farmer + woodworker creating handmade wood designs for the home along side unique plants + dried florals arrangements grown from her 5 acre farm. She loves to finds ways to incorporate both her passions into unique home decor pieces! She is on a mission to help empower the artists behind every piece created! She is a true believer that embracing slow fashion along with the use of natural materials is a change we need to implement into our daily lives to better our environment and help improve economies around the globe!