Variegated Crassula Ovata Jade Live Succulent 4”

Variegated Crassula Ovata Jade Live Succulent 4”

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Crassula Ovata ‘Variegated Jade’

This plant is growing in a 4” pot. You will receive a plant comparable to the photos. This Crassula can grow quite large, by keeping it in a smaller container you can maintain a smaller size. Ships barefoot (no soil, no pot)   

This plant is not frost tolerant. Use high draining cactus soil with a planter pot that has a drainage hole. Water lightly for the first week or two of receiving the plant, then water thoroughly only when soil is completely dry. Never place a succulent in direct sun directly after receiving it. Place in partial sun (indirect light) and transition it to full sun (if desired) over a period of two weeks otherwise the plant could suffer unsalvageable sunburn. This plant does best once transitioned fo full sun. 

All Plant Sales Are Final: No refunds or Exchanges. If for any reason you receive an unhealthy or damaged plant please contact us with 48 hours. We will need photos sent to us, we guarantee the health all plants shipped! 

We only ship live plants on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. So if you order a plant after Wednesday it will ship the following Monday